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What We Do

Beer & Co. – What we do and How we do it

Beer & Co. brings together:

  • Companies and advisers who have a clear interest in this space as well as through other means
  • Advice on project economics, sensitivities and project viability
  • Project financing, including means other than vanilla debt and equity, including strategic partner search
  • Analysis and research, which we publish and distribute.

Our approach often starts with a review of the company – to confirm the quality of assets and management to be able to attract finance when presented in an appropriate way.

Our first step is to undertake a detailed research report. From this we will gain a good understanding of the company in a way that we can effectively offer appropriate and targeted advice. The research will be distributed and will be used as the basis for further advising regarding:

  • Secondary raisings, especially focussing on SPPs, which tap the existing shareholder base but require proper support to ensure a good take-up
  • Corporate support and advising on sources of funding other than public equity
  • Asian roadshows, using the network we have established
  • Australian roadshows
  • Research to support roadshows and raisings

Research distribution

Great research is not worth anything if very few people get to read it. This means that

  • Research must be readable; and
  • It must be distributed, in a broad but targeted manner (it is no value distributing mining research to investors who are focussed on yield).

Our research is currently distributed to

  • Over 200 institutional investors globally;
  • Over 100 advisers in Australia who have an interest in small resources
  • Over 100 High Net Worth Investors directly.

Commissioning Research

Beer & Co. is willing to undertake commissioned research. The fee and the method by which we will be compensated will vary with

The amount of work involved
  • A purely descriptive report would be much less than a report requiring modelling, based on feasibility data, which will be less than a report for which there may be defined and sufficiently extensive mineralisation, but we need to construct the data; and
The amount of support required
  • In our view, a single piece of commissioned research in and of itself, has only a short term impact, and needs to be supported through periodic follow-up.

For Beer & Co Research, Pieter takes primary carriage, but at times will call on other analysts for Quality Assurance.

Companies researched by Pieter Bruinstroop:
Not all of the companies which Beer & Co researches are amenable to financial modelling.

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