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Pieter Bruinstroop, one of the Directors of Beer & Co. is responsible for equity research.
Pieter has, since 1983, worked in applied economics and valuation, and since 1985 applied to the Resources sector. This has covered

  • Unpublished research, when working as a fund manager;
  • Published research when working for a broker;
  • Detailed modelling of over 100 companies, as shown in Figure 1
  • Detailed commodity modelling of most relevant commodities.

Our research

A summary of all Beer & Co. research can be viewed through this page by clicking on the appropriate link. Take a Tour

All investors are cautioned that all of our research is paid for by the companies on which we do the research. This may influence the results we derive. Further, we provide a draft of all our research to companies and the clients may request that we do not publish this research.

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About Us

Beer & Co has been established as a boutique financial services firm focussed on the broader financing needs of small to mid size mining and exploration companies, including corporate advising and tapping finance sources in addition to public equity.

Beer & Co.-Conferences

Beer &Co hosts conferences on minor commodities to help bring companies and investors together and promote potentially good, niche opportunities that are overlooked as they are not mainstream.